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How do I write the following equation in vertex form?

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Assuming you need to convert a quadratic from 'y = ax^2 + bx + c' form to vertex form, 'y = a(x - h)^2+ k', where (h, k) is the vertex, you need to click on "Graph", type the equation and click on 'Solve'.

For example, if you need to convert the quadratic 'y=9x^2+6x-8':

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Support Team

P.S: Neither Algebrator nor the solvers at and will allow direct entry of word problems, so the best advice I can provide is that you identify relationships in the problem and translate them into equations; use variables for objects (i.e. the letter 'n' for "some integer") and numeric coefficients where quantities are known. In the end, most word problems translate to one or two equations which may then be directly entered into the software. For example, "two consecutive integers whose sum is 13" translates to "n + (n+1) = 13", which converts to n=6, giving a solution set of the integers {6, 7}. 

Now, you are able to get some limited help on word problems through the following link:  />
One initial step for word problems that is quite helpful, and many times ultimately faster, is to use a search engine with your word problem encased in quotes. That type of a search may well find the problem has already been solved through one of our sources (,, etc.). So finding an answer in such a manner would allow you to review that solution and verify that you accept it as a correct solution. 

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