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I don't understand why the 3^2 ended up being 24a^2 when it should have been 25a because the exponent over the three should cancel the exponent over the a. Or is it because its over the a that it can't be cancel? Would it have to be 3a^2 to cancel the exponent over the 2? But then it would equal 75a wouldn't it? And how many equations go with the squares? why couldn't i leave it in its greatest common factor expression? how does the equation given in the green box apply to the answer given? I wish I could see the way you had it put in the equation given to the answer you gave. Why does the negative factors change sign? is it just a simple rule? is that the answer at the end? I wish I could see how you would check you work because maybe I would get the problem better? Sorry for being a hassle I have a huge test on this and I want to be able to get it and do it myself on the test since I can't always use this.

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The best approach is to click on the 'Options' tab and first use 'a few steps'.  Increase the number of solution steps when the additional information is helpful rather than overwhelming.  Again, clicking on a particular solution step provides the logic which is employed. 

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